before & after pics of the neck swap on my ibanez rg470

Which pickups would be the best for some heavy death metal?

Seymour duncans, specifically the Nazgul and Black Winter pickups. Go passive because you want clarity on the strings!

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The budget is around 100 or 150 dollars and I would like to play pop and rock on the it. So which electric guitar would suit me of I'm a beginner? And thank you for all your help!

I’d say go down the hum bucker pickup route, so you’ve got the Jackson JS32TQ superstrat, ESP LTD MH100QM, Squier Vintage Modified Tele, and a few others. Your best bet is to go to your local guitar shop and try out a whole load of guitars! There’s only so much an online review can tell you. Guitars might look great, but feel crap; it’s all about how it feels in your hands! 

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Which electrical guitar should I get if I'm a beginner?

Well, before that, I need a bigger criteria. Music preference, budget etc

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Hey there I want to start learning guitar and I know some basics on the classical guitar but I really want to learn to play an electrical guitar, do you think I should play electrical guitar or classical?

I personally believe you should play what you want to play! so if you wanna learn Electric, learn it! but keep your classical skills up as well, because they’re transferable! 

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Upon A Burning Body.


After seeing them on the Trivium tour a few years back, I loosely followed them, purely because they were on my radar. I never considered myself a fan, as the music wasn’t to my liking. But now I won’t give them any time of day. To fake a band members disappearance and go behind your label’s back…

I'm just starting guitar (I'm 13) and I was wondering, is it easier to learn on an electric guitar or an acoustic? I have both since my aunt played and passed them down, and my new instructor said I can use whichever one I feel works the best; but I wanted to know your personal opinion.

It depends what type of music you want to play. But having started on Electric, I found acoustic very hard to play. I’d say give acoustic a try first, learn the chords and rhythm techniques on it and then move onto electric. :)

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Submit your rigs! Guitars, amps, pedals and anything else you use to craft your signature sound!

I’ve never been able to buy expensive guitars. My most expensive is a PRS SE Tremonti, which blew the bank for me. However, I managed to acquire this beautiful Fender Squier Classic Vibe Tele custom. I traded in a couple of guitars (Walden D570 acoustic and an Ibanez ART120) for it as well as some pay from work, and i’m completely stoked with my purchase! It plays so well. First time I’ve had singlecoils too! (unless you count the knockoff strat I learnt on). 

The build quality and feel is impeccable, which means the MIJ, MIM and USA fender teles must be jaw-droppingly good guitars! 

Fender Stratocaster Diamond Dealer 40th Anniversary Model Limited Edition. This beautiful guitar is 1 of just 150 made by the Fender Custom Shop in 1994 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Fender Stratocaster which was launched in 1954. The gold-plated pickguard is hand engraved with scroll work and ‘1954 -1994 40th Anniversary Stratocaster. It has a highly Flamed 2-piece bookmatched maple top in 2 tone Sunburst on a light weight swamp ash body. The soft V shaped neck is highly figured birds eye maple with gold leaf ‘Fender’ and ‘40th’ logos on the headstock. The fingerboard is made from highly figured birds eye maple with ‘1954 -1994’ banner inlay at the twelfth fret. This guitar is fitted with Custom ’50s Pickups and the accessories include the Diamond Custom Shop Ring, SKB Flight Case and Custom Shop Tweed Gigbag.