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Dear God….. Its beautiful….

What’s your opinion: Tremolo or hard tail?

Save the white rabbit venue

Music venues are important, this is no new news. One of the key venues in the UK is potentially going to be the subject of a redevelopment, meaning it will close. Please sign the petition, wherever you are in the world, to save this much loved and highly important venue. You would be surprised at how many of your favourite artists have played at this fantastic venue. Please sign, reblog and share everywhere, thank you. 

I got him a golden guitar pick with our anniversary on it! He loves it.

Ah that’s awesome! Wish my girlfriend was as thoughtful as you are! (Wish I had a girlfriend o.O) 

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My boyfriend is absolutely obsessed with his three guitars.. He has an acoustic, electric, and a bass. I have already bought him a Tab holder for his phone and a really nice foot pedal. I don't have the money to buy him a guitar, so what do you think could be a good present?

Personalised guitar picks? You can get some absolute gems on the second hand market. Anyone else have opinions on cool presents? 

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Birmingham! This is happening. it promises to be a fantastic night of metal, from 3 of the best up and coming metal bands that Birmingham has to offer! £3 on the door, you’d be an idiot to miss it! 

If you’re in Birmingham (UK) on the 25th March, you should head down to this! 

So my good friend Joel is a singer/songwriter. He’s just launched a kickstarter campaign to get the money he needs to write/record his first album! The link can be found here and some of his previous work can be found here. Please support him, he’s worked so much and is a fantastic guy!