Does anyone have any experience with the Blackstar HT Metal 5 Head? If so, Inbox me

Is it too soon to get a second guitar after playing for 1 year?

Of course it’s not! If you feel your current guitar isn’t doing you service, get a new one (by that I mean new/secondhand) 

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Music Speaks

I’m going to go off topic from guitars for a bit to ask you to spare a little bit of money (79p) or whatever the equivalent of 1 iTunes song is in your country. #MusicSpeaks is a collaboration track between Tony Blaize, a british unsigned artist, and Jembe Tatu, a kenyan unsigned band living in the Korogocho slum in Nairobi. On behalf of ActionAid, Bollocks to Poverty set up the collaboration between the two artists to produce the song i’m pleading with you to download. All of the money goes back into helping and eradicating poverty! Also, the song was mentored by none other than Chase And Status! I’ve been repping the song at Reading Festival all week and the reaction has been unbelievable! 

So yeah, I’m not asking for much, but in return you’re helping so many millions of people! Click the link to listen to the track and download it!  Have a great day everyone!

If even 100 of you downloaded the track, it would be a huge difference!  

There is something so so pleasing about how simple this guitar is! 

So Much Better, by Fallen Clouds

Support local music. This band are very close to me, and are a fantastic example of home grown music! 

What are some good quality cheap guitars?

  • Jackson’s JS series,
  • PRS SE Series if you can get one secondhand, do it.
  • ESP/LTD 100 series
  • Squier’s guitars generally

I personally would avoid Schecter, Ibanez, Yamaha and Epiphone. That’s my personal opinions though. 

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What type of wood was that in the last post? The Gibson custom shop one


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The Gibson Custom Shop really are at the top of their game!